Artist Credit
Bachdenkel Primary Artist
Karel Beer Guitar, Keyboards
Peter Kimberley Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
Brian Smith Drums
Colin Swinburne Guitar, Vocals

Although Bachdenkel is sometimes described of as a hard progressive band, its songs don’t have the kind of keyboard-driven complexity normally associated with that genre. What they do have, though, are short songs with crunching guitar and pleasing vocal harmonies reminiscent of John Wetton’s work with King Crimson. There’s some nice dynamic contrast in their work when keyboards are brought in, as evidenced by the pensive “Equals” and “Come All Ye Faceless.” Although this album may be destined to remain obscure, it does have one outstanding track that every collector should get their hands on: “An Appointment with the Master.” It’s a great combination of ripping leads, double-tracked vocals, and gloriously primitive garage-band drums.

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