Artist Credit
Barclay James Harvest Composer, Primary Artist
Peter Bown Engineer
Monika Brauckhoff Liner Notes
Keith Domone Liner Notes
Les Holroyd Bass, Composer, Vocals
John Lees Composer, Guitar, Vocals
Alan Parsons Jew’s-Harp
Mel Pritchard Composer, Drums
Norman Smith Producer
Woolly Wolstenholme Composer, Keyboards, Vocals

The band’s follow-up still finds it working very much in the vein of orchestral rock, largely driven by Stewart Wooly Wolstenholme’s keyboards and the presence of the London Symphony Orchestra. The reach of the music exceeds the grasp of the lyrics, though — they lack the cold oracularity of Peter Sinfield or the allusive cleverness of Peter Gabriel. Still, there’s some fine compositions here. “She Said” turns upon a keening opening Mellotron riff to develop into a slow-four dirge. “Song for Dying” shows off the band’s fine ability at vocal harmonies, while the later concert standard, “Mocking Bird,” shows a dramatic evolution from pensive acoustic guitar to a full-blown orchestral attack.

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