Artist Credit
Peter Bardens Composer, Keyboards
Camel Primary Artist
Doug Ferguson Bass, Composer
Anthony Hawkins Remastering
Hitchcock Producer
David Hitchcock Producer
Howard Kilgour Engineer
Andy Latimer Composer, Flute, Guitar, Vocals
Bill Price Engineer
John Tracy Coordination, Liner Notes, Research
Andy Ward Composer, Drums, Percussion

With their second album, Mirage, Camel begin to develop their own distinctive sound, highlighted by the group’s liquid, intricate rhythms and the wonderful, unpredictable instrumental exchanges by keyboardist Pete Bardens and guitarist Andy Latimer. Camel also distinguish themselves from their prog rock peers with the multi-part suite “Lady Fantasy,” which suggests the more complex directions they would take a few albums down the line. Also, Latimer’s graceful flute playing distinguishes several songs on the record, including “Supertwister,” and it’s clear that he has a more supple technique than such contemporaries as Ian Anderson. Camel are still ironing out some quirks in their sound on Mirage, but it’s evident that they are coming into their own.

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