• Cem Karaca – Vocals


  • Derya Elver – Drums
  • Salih Çele – Trumpet, trombone
  • Bülent Urkan – Tenor soprano, flute
  • Hami Barutçu – Bass guitar
  • Fehiman Uğurdemir – Guitars

Safinaz is an Anatolian rock single released in 1978 by Turkish artist Cem Karaca and his self-founded Edirdahan ensemble. The three-song single features the eighteen-minute symphonic rock song Safinaz. This song, as one of the rare examples in the history of Turkish music, takes a cross-section from the life of Safinaz, a doorman’s daughter.

The instruments included in the songs in the single were mostly taken over by the band Edirdahan, founded by Cem Karaca. Safinaz’s work, the only song in the first hundred, is symphonic rock, about the difficulties experienced by a doorman girl named Safinaz, her youth, and the events she experienced when she eventually ran away with a man named Niyazi. Because the song is told in the form of a story, it features events in a different style. As the song uses melodies of different places or types for each different event, this feature is constantly compared to the Bohemian Rhapsody of the Queen group and Vivaldi’s Symphony Of The Four Seasons.

Another song on the back of the single, Karam, is a song in the Anatolian rock genre, the lyrics are by Ahmed Arif and the music by Fehiman Uğurdemir. The song, which is about five minutes long, was re-recorded by the band in later years.

The third and final song, The Epic of Sheikh Bedrettin, is also a work in the same percentage as the song called Karam. The lyrics of this song are excerpts from the poem Nazım Hikmet of the same name, and the music was recorded by Cem Karaca. The song is the second long song on the single, with a duration of thirteen and a half minutes.


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