Cem Karaca – Yoksulluk Kader Olamaz (1977)

  • Cem Karaca – vokal


  • Uğur Dikmen – Keyboards
  • Murat Töz – Bass Guitar
  • Taner Öngür – Electric Guitar
  • Sefa Ulaştır – Drums

Yoksulluk Kader Olamaz is Cem Karaca’s second album of new songs. However, since his debut album consists of previously recorded and unreleased songs, it is the first LP that Cem Karaca has actually recorded. Cem Karaca has been playing with the Dervişan band since 1974. Under the influence of the period, Karaca and Dervişan were making albums with more and more political discourse. If poverty can’t be fate, it was an album that told about the different problems of different segments of the public. Before each song of the album, there were about 30 seconds of piano parts and Cem Karaca singing the names of the songs. “Yoksulluk Kader Olamaz”, the song from which the piano melody is taken, also ended the album.

Graffiti, an indicator of social reaction in the 1970s, was also included on the cover of the album. The album was released in 2003 with different songs, song order, and the lengths of the songs were also changed. In the 2009 “Disco Kralı” program, where Cem Karaca is commemorated, the song poverty cannot be fate was interpreted by Hayko Cepkin.

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