Erkin Koray – Elektronik Türküler (1974)

  • Erkin Koray: Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar, bağlama, piano, keyboards, lead vocals
  • Sedat Avcı: Drums, bongos, percussion
  • Ahmet Güvenç: Bass guitar
  • Doruk Onatkut: Sound recording

Elektronik Türküler (“Electronic Ballads”) is the second album by Turkish rock musician Erkin Koray, originally released by Doğan Plakcılık in 1974. This is his first work to be recorded for the LP format, as opposed to the 45 rpm singles which his output had been restricted to until the mid-1960s.

Stylistically, it combines psychedelic and progressive rock influences with traditional Turkish elements. This album is one of the more internationally acknowledged examples of Anatolian rock.

The album was rereleased on CD by World Psychedelia Ltd. in 1999 (WPC6-8461).

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