Artist Credit
Bureau Buskies Reissue Producer
Gunther Buskies Reissue Producer
Kerstin Davies Reissue Art
Werner Diermaier Composer, Drums, Group Member
Bob Drake Remastering
Faust Composer, Primary Artist
Kurt Graupner Audio Engineer, Engineer
Veronika Gruber Translation
Andy Hertel Artwork
Hans-Joachim Irmler Composer, Group Member, Organ
Edda Köchl Paintings
Savage Leisurecentre Cover Photo
Willem Makkee Reissue Mastering
Matt Murman Remastering
Uwe Nettelbeck Audio Production, Design, Producer
Florentine Papst Vocals
Jean Hervé Peron Bass, Group Member, Guitar, Trumpet, Vocals
Rudolf Sossna Composer, Group Member, Guitar
Thomas Worthmann Reissue Producer
Günther Wüsthoff Group Member, Keyboards, Liner Notes, Wind
Zappi Conductor

Faust’s second album moves closer to actual song structure than their debut, but it still remains experimental. Songs progress and evolve instead of abruptly stopping or cutting into other tracks. The opening song “It’s a Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl” begins as a repetitive 4/4 beat played on toms and piano with the title sung over the top. But for seven minutes the song adds instruments, including a lush analog synth line, and ends in a memorable sax riff. Faust’s lyrical side appears on the acoustic “Picnic on a Frozen River” and “On the Way to Adamäe,” whereas its abrasive side pops up on “Me Lack Space.” “So Far,” a jam shared by guitar, horns, and tweedy keyboard, rolls along with a funky hypnotic beat and wailing processed synths. And on “No Harm,” the crazed delivery of such lines as “Daddy, take the banana, tomorrow Sunday” makes one want to believe something profound is going down. In terms of scope and the wealth of ideas, this is probably the most balanced of their first four albums.

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