Jane – Together (1972)

Artist Credit
Klaus Hess Composer, Guitar
Jane Primary Artist
Gunter Korber Producer
Werner Nadolny Flute, Organ
Peter Panka Drums, Percussion
Conny Plank Engineer
Bernd Pulst Composer, Vocals

Inundated with every characteristic of progressive rock, Germany’s Jane combined elements of jazz fusion, space rock, and even heavy metal at times to come up with a sound that was always exciting and never restrained. On 1972’s Together, they fabricate a sound that combines the percussiveness of hard rock with the expansive wandering of makeshift melodies, all kept intact by the vocals of Berndt Pulst, who luckily doesn’t have to be a great singer thanks to the intricacies of the organ and flute that are widely predominant. Nonetheless, this debut album offers up some engaging prog rock through the freestyled transience of the lead and bass guitars. The full 12 minutes of “Spain” is punctuated with some stellar drum playing via Peter Panka and some interesting singing from bass player Charly Maucher near the end. Showing signs that their music will gain experimental momentum in future albums (and it did), the placid eeriness that is germinated in “Daytime” and “Hangman” prove that Jane have their roots firmly planted in the space rock and Krautrock genres, only to evolve into other avant-garde areas later in the ’70s on albums like Here We Go and Fire, Water, Earth & Air. As one of the most popular bands on the progressively oriented Brain label, Jane’s exploratory brand of guitar/organ/percussion based music is well-established throughout these six tracks.

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