Love – Da Capo (1966)

Artist Credit
Bruce Botnick Digital Remastering, Engineer
Tjay Cantrelli Group Member, Percussion
John Echols Composer, Group Member, Guitar
Ken Forssi Bass, Composer, Group Member
William S. Harvey Cover Design, Cover Photo
Dave Hassinger Engineer
Jac Holzman Production Supervisor
Arthur Lee Composer, Group Member, Guitar, Producer, Vocals
Love Primary Artist
Bryan MacLean Composer, Group Member, Guitar, Vocals
Alban Pfisterer Drums, Group Member
Paul Rothchild Digital Remastering, Producer
Michael Stuart Group Member
Michael Stuart Percussion
Michael Stuart-Ware Drums, Percussion
Guy Webster Back Cover Photo

Love broadened their scope into psychedelia on their sophomore effort, Arthur Lee’s achingly melodic songwriting gifts reaching full flower. The six songs that comprised the first side of this album when it was first issued are a truly classic body of work, highlighted by the atomic blast of pre-punk rock “Seven & Seven Is” (their only hit single), the manic jazz tempos of “Stephanie Knows Who,” and the enchanting “She Comes in Colors,” perhaps Lee’s best composition (and reportedly the inspiration for the Rolling Stones’ “She’s a Rainbow”). It’s only half a great album, though; the seventh and final track, “Revelation,” is a tedious 19-minute jam that keeps Da Capo from attaining truly classic status.

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