Artist Credit
Mike Bobak Engineer
Robin Geoffrey Cable Engineer
Tony Carr Drums
Gus Dudgeon Producer
Linda Glover Cover Design
Derek Grossmith Flute
Spike Heatley Bass, String Bass
Dave Johnstone Guitar (Electric), Sitar
Davey Johnstone Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Sitar, Vocals
Magna Carta Primary Artist
Barry Morgan Drums
Tim Renwick Recorder
Chris Simpson Guitar, Vocals
Christopher Simpson Composer
Glen Stuart Group Member, Spoken Word, Vocal Arrangement, Vocal Harmony, Vocals, Voices
Lyell Tranter Arranger, Group Member, Guitar, Guitar (Nylon String), Guitar Arrangements
Tony Visconti Arranger, Bass, Conductor, Guitar (Bass), Percussion, Recorder
Rick Wakeman Keyboards, Organ, Piano
Peter Willison Cello, Soloist

Magna Carta’s second LP was dominated by the 22-minute, nine-part suite “Seasons,” which took up all of side one. “Seasons” was indeed a grand conceptual work inspired by the changing of the seasons. Its laudable ambition apart, it’s pretty ordinary, mild pop-influenced early-’70s British folk-rock. There’s a dated preciousness as it varies the pace slightly from jolly full-band good-time folk-rock and pastoral harmonizing to twee fairytale-like narration and almost pop-like orchestration. The six standard-length songs on side two can strike an almost too-cheerful pop-folk bounce, with soft rock orchestration and harmonies that make it vaguely reminiscent of American sunshine pop at points. Simon & Garfunkel are an obvious influence, too, on songs like “Give Me No Goodbye” (overlaid with slight sitar licks), “Scarecrow,” and “Elizabethan,” though Magna Carta could make Simon & Garfunkel sound almost heavy in comparison. The closing “Airport Song,” which was plucked from the LP as a shot for a hit single, goes furthest into pop with its bossa nova beat and easy listening arrangement, though the Simon & Garfunkel influence in the vocal harmonies is nearly overwhelming. This pretty undistinguished pop-folk-rock effort was paired with their third album, Songs from Wasties Orchard, on a 1999 single-disc CD reissue that also included historical liner notes.

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