O.P.M.C. – Amalgamation (1970)

– Barrie Webb – vocals, guitar, psaltery
– Teun Van Der Slikke – vocals, harp, psaltery, autoharp, guitar
– Peter Van Der Sande – bass, piano
– Mighty-Max – drums
– Herman Erbe – guitar, psaltery
– Onny Lopulalan – lead guitar (4)
– Robbie Dale – producer

Though this is usually classified as a Dutch rock album by the few collectors who are aware of it, this early-’70s LP in fact seems like a more natural emulation of British (and sometimes American) folk-rock music than many such productions of the era from Continental Europe. In this case, there’s a good reason for that, as O.P.M.C. featured the talents of a Scotsman (Barrie Webb), along with those of Teun van der Slikke. The LP is fair, though not outstanding, folk and folk-rock with a moody streak and a stylistic unevenness that almost create the impression of being the work of more than one artist. Sometimes it offers pastoral hippie musings, à la “I’ll Just Sit Here and Dream” and “Ballad of the Sun,” almost as if they’re trying to be a poppier Incredible String Band. “Easter Song,” by contrast, sounds like the late-’60s Hollies trying to go a little folkier. Some of the brittle guitar work on “The Head” and “Fire Child” makes it seem not unlikely that Love’s Forever Changes could have been something of an influence. Yet more territory is covered by the Creedence Clearwater Revival-flavored blues-country-rock of “Sick and Tired,” and the Sonny Terry-like blues harmonica-motored instrumental “Train Thing.” It’s an undoubtedly diverse effort that lacks distinction more due to its average material than its eclectic scope.

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