Quicksilver Messenger Service – Just For Love (1970)

Artist Credit
John Cipollina Composer, Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Steel), Member of Attributed Artist, Slide Guitar
Gary Duncan Bass, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Electric), Maracas, Member of Attributed Artist, Sound Effects, Vocals, Wood Block
Greg Elmore Drums, Member of Attributed Artist, Percussion
Jesse Oris Farrow Composer
David Freiberg Bass, Guitar, Guitar (Bass), Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals
Dan Healy Audio Engineer, Engineer
Nicky Hopkins Guest Artist, Keyboards, Piano
Red Johnson Poetry
Red Johnson & His Orchestra Poetry
Doug McGuire Engineer
George Osaki Art Direction
John Palladino Audio Production, Executive Producer, Producer
Quicksilver Messenger Service Performer, Primary Artist
John Selby Producer
Dino Valente Congas, Flute, Guitar, Vocals
Dino Valenti Composer, Congas, Guitar, Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals

With the return of Gary Duncan and the recording debut of founder Dino Valenti, Just for Love, Quicksilver’s fourth album, marked their debut as the band they were intended to be. The ironic thing about that is that, led by singer/songwriter Valenti, they were a much more pop-oriented band than their fans had come to expect. On Just for Love, Quicksilver finally was Valenti’s backup group (he wrote all but one of the songs), and while this gave them greater coherence and accessibility, as well as their only Top 50 single in “Fresh Air,” it also made them less the boogie band they had been. And it meant the band’s days were numbered.


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