Artist Credit
John Anthony Producer
Mark Ashton Composer, Drums, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Ken Burgess Producer
Andy Curtis Producer
Ced Curtis Guitar
Graham Field Composer, Organ
Steve Gould Bass, Composer, Guitar, Guitar (Bass), Producer, Saxophone, Vocals
Paul Holland Producer
Dave Kaffinetti Composer, Keyboards, Piano (Electric), Synthesizer
Paul Karas Bass
Fred Kelly Drums
Nic Potter Bass
Rare Bird Primary Artist
Peter Rice Producer
Graham Stansfield Composer

This debut featured an organist and an electric pianist, but no guitarist, resulting in a moody Hammond-heavy album from a band that would later become more progressive and varied in its sound. “Beautiful Scarlet” shifts easily from histrionic soul to offhanded slow-four interludes, and the instrumental “Iceberg” shows off the organist Graham Field and the rest of band’s chops well. The whispered vocals and weird background noises of “God of War” achieves the kind of creepy gloom appropriate to an era of carpet bombing and napalm. Indeed, the production and instrumentation of this album makes it very much of a period piece, though certainly not in any derogatory sense.

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