Renaissance – Scheherazade and Other Stories (1975)

Artist Credit
Jon Camp Bass, Bass Pedals, Composer, Vocals
Tony Cox Orchestral Arrangements
Michael Dunford Composer, Guitar (Acoustic), Liner Notes, Vocals
Colin Elgie Illustrations
Annie Haslam Liner Notes, Vocals
Hipgnosis Cover Design, Photography
David Hitchcock Coordination
John Kurlander Engineer
Mike Pela Assistant Engineer
Annie Plant Assistant Engineer
Dick Plant Engineer
Joe Reagoso Mastering
Renaissance Arranger, Primary Artist, Producer
Patrick Stapley Assistant Engineer
Terence Sullivan Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Betty Thatcher Composer
John Tout Composer, Keyboards, Vocals

This album was the group’s magnum opus in the perception of many onlookers and fans, and it still plays well, though its flaws are more evident than they were at the time. The “Song of Scheherazade,” really a suite for the group supported by the London Symphony Orchestra and a chorus, started with guitarist-composer Michael Dunford, who had a personal fascination with the medieval literary work Tales of 1,001 Arabian Nights, and was realized by Dunford and his composing partner Betty Thatcher, with bassist Jon Camp and pianist John Tout. The piece, really nine sections assembled together, was one of the more ambitious works to come out of the progressive rock boom — it fits together nicely and does have some gorgeous passages and many lyrical, powerful sections, although it also seems slightly repetitive, overstaying its welcome somewhat; additionally, it never uses the orchestra quite as effectively as one senses it might have, for anything except embellishment. Less ambitious and more completely successful are “Ocean Gypsy,” “The Vultures Fly High,” and “Trip to the Fair” on side one, all relatively unpretentious pieces which feature extraordinary singing by Annie Haslam.

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