Sweet Smoke – Just a Poke (1970)

Artist Credit
Jay Dorfman Drums, Percussion
Joachim Hassenburs Photography
Marvin Kaminowitz Guitar, Vocals
Michael Paris Percussion, Sax (Tenor), Vocals
Conny Plank Engineer
Om Shanti Liner Notes

This short record is only made of 2 epic songs lasting 16 minutes. There is a definite psychedelic influence, but the tracks are pretty loaded and dynamic. The songs are surprisingly progressive for 1970. The refined drums and the restless bass form a solid fusion rhythm.

The side 1 is filled with spacy flute parts that are absolutely elaborated and delightful. Some restless music parts really reach an impressive speed; the cadence progressively varies from lower levels to higher ones and vice-versa. The electric guitar sound and style are quite respectable, reminding Jimi Hendrix without the impossible wah-wah solos.

The catchy & ultra rhythmic side 2 contains a good debut & end full of excellent sax parts. The infernal rhythm is repetitive but how efficient! The lead vocals may remind Elvis Presley himself! There is a spacy jaw-dropping wah-wah electric guitar solo. The long rhythmic drum solo contains interesting krautrock echo & frequency drift effects, terminated by a joyful set of fiesta screams & carnival cowbells arrangements: the bumpless transition to the ordinary drums then is really a big success.

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